Tyrre Burks

Player’s Health

Tyrre Burks startup efforts began with his extensive athletic career. After being part of a Division II football team while attending Winona State University, Burks then played football in Europe and the Canadian Football League for several years. Because of all that time spent playing a very rough sport, Burks suffered several injuries with long-term consequences. These included injuries to his back and neck and his hamstring and tibia. Believing his athletic career to be finished, he conceived of a startup, Player’s Health, a company that could change how professional and amateur sports organizations treat player injuries and overall health. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Player’s Health sells commercial insurance to sports organizations, but it focuses on player safety. It provides health and safety information to team owners and managers and credentials them depending on a risk assessment score delivered by Player’s Health analysts. The better that score, the cheaper the insurance becomes. Due to Burks’ efforts as CEO, the company recently raised $28 million in financing and launched a Canadian Managing General Agent underwritten by the provider, Aviva. 

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