Reshma Saujani

Girls Who Code

Though she’s of Gujarati Indian descent, Reshma Saujani was born in Chicago, Illinois. Since graduating from the University of Illinois in 1997, Saujani has worked as a lawyer, a civil servant, a politician, and the founder of a very successful non-profit, Girls Who Code. She’s run for public office several times, notably in 2010 when she ran against incumbent Carolyn Malony (D-NY) in the House elections and then again in 2013 when she ran for New York Public Advocate. Neither bid was successful, but for women looking to get into technology, that may be a good thing. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Founding Girls Who Code in 2012, she has since managed it into one of the nation’s most successful non-profits with over 1,000 employees that have helped more than 300,000 girls learn STEM skills globally. Saujani continues to manage the organization and speak often and publicly on women in tech, notably earlier in 2022 when she addressed Yale university students on the issue.

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