Jazz Hampton


Before becoming cofounder and CEO of the lawyer-on-demand app, TurnSignl, Jazz Hampton’s career began as a practicing compliance law specialist and the director of diversity and inclusion at the national defense firm Foley & Mansfield in New York City. From there, he returned to his native Minneapolis to become an adjunct professor at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and a business mentor to Cerebro NeuroTech. All that, and he’s only 31. But in 2020, when Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, he and two friends quit their day jobs to found TurnSignl. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: TurnSignl is an app service specifically designed to protect drivers’ rights and de-escalate the now tense and always potentially deadly traffic stop situation. Just 40 days before the app was launched, a Brooklyn Center police officer shot Daunte Wright at a traffic stop. Hampton has been stopped a dozen times by police and has never been issued a citation, something he attributes to using his legal skills on the spot. TurnSignl seeks to provide the same advantage to everyone. Currently available in six states, the app will connect you to attorneys with expertise in local traffic laws and who are also trained in de-escalating these interactions with law enforcement. 

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