Will & Jada Smith

Westbrook Inc.

About Their Business & Career: Will and Jada Smith founded Westbrook Inc. in 2019 in order to provide artists with a platform to tell their impactful stories. Encompassing several of their previous business ventures, like Westbrook Media and Overbrook Entertainment, Westbrook Inc. aligns the goals of each company into one mission—to share stories that inspire the next generation of artists to make a positive impact. Some of the ways they do this is through offering services like social media management, incubative brand management and content curation services. By working with the next generation of artists across all major media platforms, and helping them to create and curate content that has a strong, positive impact, Westbrook Inc. is guiding the army of digital changemakers toward a more conscientious and inclusive future.

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Will and Jada Smith have utilized their platform and social impact potential by building a company that gives a voice to and inspires the next generation of artists. Westbrook Inc. is dedicated to supporting and sharing passion projects, positivity and art that have a meaningful and impactful influence on the entertainment industry. The ever-changing role of media today has broadened the definition of celebrity, and those celebrities can come from anywhere—movies, TV shows, YouTube, social media platforms and so much more. Through various modes of content curation and management, Will and Jada Smith have dedicated Westbrook Inc. to being a positive, guiding force for the generation that holds the potential to create massive social influence.

Industry: Media

Year Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Calabasas, Calif.

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