Vanessa Barboni Hallik

Another Tomorrow

About Her Business & Career: Another Tomorrow is a sustainable, ready-to-wear fashion brand. Vanessa Barboni Hallik began working on Another Tomorrow while on sabbatical from her former job in finance. She intended to take that time to study sustainable finance, but instead she ended up learning about the fashion industry’s impact on people, animals and the planet. And thus, Another Tomorrow was born, along with its mission to provide ethically and sustainably made clothing to its customers, while also considering the welfare of the clothing’s makers, the environment and the animals that provide the materials for the clothes.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: One of the most fascinating aspects of Barboni Hallik’s career is how she’s pivoted. She spent 15 years at Morgan Stanley before founding Another Tomorrow. She’s dedicated to the idea of sustainability, and now she works to not just craft sustainably made clothing, but also to educate customers on how we can all be doing better by being aware of the impact our clothes have on the environment, on animals and on people in the supply chain.

Industry: Retail/Fashion

Year Founded: 2018

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

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