Ryan Pandya & Perumal Gandhi

Perfect Day

About Their Business & Career: Gandhi and Pandya’s meeting seems almost fateful. The two men were both vegan and missing dairy products, when in a similar timeframe, the two—completely unaware of each other—began considering how to make milk without using anything from animals. The two were introduced to each other by executive director of New Harvest, Isha Datar, and so began their quest to create quality animal-free milk. Utilizing their bioengineering backgrounds, the two created Perfect Day to transform dairy as they knew it. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: What Pandya and Gandhi have done goes far beyond making plant-based milk. The two have effectively created the perfect vegan milk protein—one that acts like the proteins found in cow’s milk without affecting any animal at all. This means that they can create vegan dairy products, like ice cream and cheese, that are just like traditional dairy products, while being better for the animals and the environment.

Industry: Food/Tech

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Berkeley, Calif.

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