Noah Robbins

Ark Foods

About His Business & Career: Coming from a family of citrus farmers, Noah Robbins knew that he wanted to go into agriculture, but he didn’t want to do it the same way his family had. Having noticed that fresh vegetables were not readily available to everybody, Robbins decided to fill the gap in the market by democratizing access to healthy, fresh vegetables. However, making vegetables more accessible was not Robbins only goal, he also wanted to bring the farmstand feel to the commercial space. The popularization of a larger variety of vegetables, such as shishito peppers, can be credited to Ark Foods. Through vertical integration, Robbins has been able to make a wide variety of freshly grown foods available to the general public while keeping costs low, thus achieving his goal of making healthier choices available to a much broader customer base.

Why He Made the Worthy 100: Robbins’ goal to democratize healthy food options is a goal worthy of recognition. Food deserts and accessibility to affordable, healthy meals is a systemic issue that needs the help of innovative companies like Ark Foods. Through his compassionate and conscientious vision, Robbins has built a practical business model that has a substantial social impact. Not only has Ark Foods been able to bring new and interesting vegetables to grocery stores at an affordable price, but through the success of his business, Robbins has also shown that democratizing accessibility is a mission that benefits all.

Industry: Food

Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Brooklyn, N.Y

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