Naysa Mishler

Everest Effect

About Her Business & Career: In 2017, Naysa Mishler began working on what would become Everest Effect. After many natural disasters occurred in quick succession, she started considering how to get those people enduring disasters access to capital. This is the crux of Everest Effect—a tech platform built to help with crisis recovery by connecting people suffering from a disaster to other people, as well as brands, who can help them.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Mishler is looking to introduce the patent-pending Crisis Impact Score as a tool through Everest Effect. At large, it will be a resource for governments, nonprofits and businesses to not only help communities impacted by disasters, but also to help accelerate their economic recovery. 

Industry: Tech

Year Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Jersey City, N.J.

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