Monti Landers

Riot Swim

About Her Business & Career: There’s nothing sexier than confidence, but finding your stride in swimwear is no easy task. In fact, a 2012 study published in the scientific journal Sex Roles found that bathing suit shopping makes women anxious and depressed. That’s where Monti Landers comes in. She founded Riot Swim with the mission to make women feel comfortable walking around in a bikini. The bestselling brand combines multifunction, style, comfort and design into a wide variety of pieces meant for everyone—regardless of size, body type or skin tone.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Landers’ entrepreneurship philosophy centers around her customers by putting them front and center. Before releasing any new pieces, Riot Swim brings its clientele into the creative process, and customer feedback is integral to the company’s business model.

Industry: Retail/Fashion

Year Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Anaheim, Calif.

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