Mindy Kaling

Kaling International

About Her Business & Career: The Emmy-nominated writer, producer, director, actress and New York Times bestselling author is fostering representation on screen through the many projects her production company, Kaling International, currently has in the works. In 2019, she signed an overall deal with Warner Bros., rumored to be a six-year contract worth about $8.5 million per year, and her debut screenplay Late Night sold to Amazon for a record-breaking $13 million. Currently, she has 10 projects in development; her highly acclaimed Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, was just renewed for a third season; and her latest series, The Sex Lives of College Girls, premiered on HBO Max this month.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Lauded for its multifaceted and culturally complex characters, Never Have I Ever has been celebrated as a “watershed moment for the representation of South Asians in Hollywood,” and with Asians representing an abysmal 4.2 percent of broadcast scripted roles, the diversity Kaling is bringing to the small screen is sorely needed. And she’s not just putting people of color in front of the camera either; Kaling is opening the door for women and minorities across all parts of the industry.

Industry: Media

Year Founded: 2012

Headquarters: Los Angeles, Calif.

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