Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg L.P.

About His Business & Career: The former mayor of New York City, with a net worth estimated at $59 billion, has always been an entrepreneur first and foremost. In 1981, he revolutionized the investment industry with his Bloomberg Terminal technology, leveling the playing field for smaller firms; today, with 167 offices, nearly 20,000 employees and $10 billion in revenue as of 2019, Bloomberg has become synonymous with financial software and media.

Why He Made the Worthy 100: Encompassing all of Michael Bloomberg’s personal giving, as well as corporate philanthropy at Bloomberg L.P., Bloomberg Philanthropies invested $1.6 billion in 810 cities across 170 countries last year, with over $11.1 billion donated to philanthropic organizations to date.

Industry: Finance/Media/Tech

Year Founded: 1981

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

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