Leslie Feinzaig

Graham & Walker

About Her Business & Career: Leslie Feinzaig is the founder and CEO of Graham & Walker, formerly known as Female Founders Alliance (FFA), a national network of female founders dedicated to helping one another thrive. Graham & Walker is home to over 25,000 members across the nation, and together they are working to combat the discrepancy in entrepreneurial funding between male and female founders. FFA became Graham & Walker in mid-October, announcing a venture fund dedicating $10 million to women-led tech companies. Feinzaig is a working mother of two and her inspiration to found this organization came from the desire to create a more equitable business world not only for her own daughters, but also for your daughters.            

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Feinzaig, who was named by Forbes as one of the Most Powerful Women from Central America, founded the recently rebranded Graham & Walker in order to create a network of women that are committed to generating greater gender equality in the business world. Feinzaig has created a massive community of women in business, providing them with a network of founders, investors and resources. Together, the 25,000 members are working to push more capital investments into female-run businesses and corporations in order to disrupt the disparity in funding between male- and female-led organizations. If you are a woman-led organization that is committed to making a positive impact, you belong in Graham & Walker’s community. 

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