Kathryn Rose


About Her Business & Career: Kathryn Rose has designed and built her incredibly successful career around helping small, women-owned businesses gain traction and grow in size, visibility and revenue. The creation of wiseHer, a consulting agency that specializes in and targets women-owned businesses, is no different. This tech-based organization is dedicated to elevating female entrepreneurs by answering all of their questions, big and small, providing resources and access to education. Additionally, wiseHer allocates a portion of its profits every year to grants and funding for women-owned businesses, putting its money where its mouth is and transparently working to elevate female entrepreneurs.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Rose, an acclaimed speaker and entrepreneur, is dedicated to supporting and elevating female entrepreneurs. Recognizing the lack of funding and information available to women in business, Rose has committed herself to closing the gap between female and male entrepreneurs in the effort to support greater gender equality. WiseHer, which maintains the consistent mission of helping female entrepreneurs to “rise up,” demonstrates the effectiveness of a goal-oriented organization dedicated to a worthy cause.

Industry: Consulting/Professional Services

Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Framingham, Mass.

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