Jasmine Crowe


About Her Business & Career: Jasmine Crowe is the founder and CEO of Goodr, an app that is connecting organizations with excess food to those in need. Crowe has been working her whole life to solve hunger, but through participation in countless food drives and volunteering opportunities she quickly realized that America is going about solving hunger the wrong way. “Hunger [is] not an issue of scarcity, but rather a matter of logistics,” Crowe said in her 2019 TED Talk. That is why she started Goodr—to use technology to solve logistical problems and fight hunger, and all the issues that come along with it, at scale.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Crowe’s dedication to the war on hunger has led to the creation of an app that has the potential to change the way we fight hunger worldwide. By recognizing that the issues we face are not due to a scarcity of food, but rather the logistical problem of distributing excess food to where it is needed most, Crowe has laid the groundwork for a system that helps deliver real meals to families in need while also preventing food waste from ending up in landfills, which in turn contributes to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Industry: Food

Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga

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