Ian Rosenberger

Thread, First Mile, Day Owl

About His Business & Career: Ian Rosenberger is a serial entrepreneur working to end poverty through job creation and the reallocation of resources. Through his work with Thread, First Mile and Day Owl, Rosenberger places his focus on communities with too much trash and not enough employment opportunities. By working at the intersection of these two problems, Rosenberger has helped generate countless job opportunities and funneled nearly $10 million dollars into communities in need.

Why He Made the Worthy 100: By recognizing the connection between underfunded communities with too much trash and not enough jobs, Rosenberger has been able to help solve two problems simultaneously—job insecurity and trash pollution. Rosenberger’s commitment to solving the issue of poverty combined with his innovative and climate-positive method of creating employment opportunities has led his entrepreneurial ventures to have a significant social and environmental impact.

Industry: Textiles/Recycling/Retail

Year Founded: 2010

Headquarters: New York, N.Y.; Pittsburgh, Pa.

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