Emily Kennedy

Marinus Analytics

About Her Business & Career: A Carnegie Mellon alum, Kennedy holds an advanced degree in public policy and management. Two years after achieving her degree, Kennedy founded Marinus Analytics, a company using AI to solve social issues. Marinus Analytics uses AI technology to help defend against systemic exploitation. 

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Marinus Analytics is tackling major systemic issues, like child abuse, human trafficking and cyber fraud. The company works to help investigators and social workers better protect those who are in danger through SaaS platforms and big data. One of the company’s main tools is Traffic Jam, a program largely designed to uncover human trafficking, but can also help locate missing persons and identify organized crime. Traffic Jam helps save precious time by moving 60 times faster than a physical search and can help form a case against a trafficker much quicker. Marinus Analytics partners with over 80 law enforcement agencies globally, helping find victims and dismantle crime rings.

Industry: Tech

Year Founded: 2014

Headquarters: Pittsburg, Pa.

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