Angela Benton


About Her Business & Career: Angela Benton is the CEO of Streamlytics, a human-led data company that forgoes the use of cookies and other forms of AI-driven data collection. Streamlytics has identified many issues with AI-driven data collection, such as privacy violation, risk of perpetuating racial bias through reproducing patterns and much more. By allowing individual users to upload and sell their data themselves, Streamlytics is able to collect more accurate and ethical data that puts the power back in the hands of the consumer and democratizes data collection on many levels.

Why She Made the Worthy 100: Benton’s innovative company, which allows consumers to collect and sell their own personal streaming data, has the power to combat issues surrounding privacy, inaccurate data collection and the perpetuation of the underrepresented consumer. It is no secret that a crucial flaw in AI technology is the perpetuation of patterns that need to be changed. Benton has devised a way to introduce human-led data collection that takes the power out of the hands of the computer and gives it back to the consumer. By placing her focus on Black and underrepresented communities, Benton is working to ensure that Streamlytics data collection is providing a more diverse portfolio of data packages than can be provided from other forms of machine-led data collection.

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