Al Subbloie


About His Business & Career: Al Subbloie is the founder and CEO of Budderfly, an energy savings company that takes the hassle out of monitoring both your energy use and what the best services and products are for your company. Pioneering what Subbloie calls “Energy Efficiency as a Service,” Budderfly is helping companies save money while providing them with the best, most sustainable energy solutions. And he believes in his solution so much that Budderfly takes all of the risks for its clients—the groundbreaking business model means that Budderfly takes on the responsibility of its clients’ utility spending, even putting up the capital for installing energy-efficient improvements, and then shares in the savings. By monitoring the most efficient energy technology, Budderfly—which already counts major food chains like Just Salad, Little Caesars, Subway and Tropical Smoothie Cafe as clients—is helping companies reduce their energy use or, at the very least, utilize technology to use it more efficiently.

Why He Made the Worthy 100: Subbloie built a company that helps guide organizations toward using energy smarter. In doing so, Budderfly has been able to help reduce the amount of energy wasted through providing careful monitoring and technology upgrades for its clients. Subbloie found the intersection between the benefits of saving costs on energy bills for the consumer and the benefits that saving energy can have for the planet. Through innovation and a customer-facing business model, Budderfly is working to reduce the amounts of pointlessly wasted energy and money.

Industry: Energy

Year Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Shelton, Conn.

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