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Worth's Resource Guide for Reviewing Your Trust and Estates Plan

Estate planning can be intimidating, even more so during uncertain times. But UBS has provided resources to guide you through the process.

UBS' Guide to Estate Planning During a Pandemic

Estate planning involves outlining goals and objectives, organizing your financial affairs, planning the distribution of your assets and communicating your intentions. As the financial landscape continues to shift due to COVID-19, now is the perfect time to spot problems and opportunities that this crisis has created by reviewing your trust and estates plan. UBS has created an ‘Estate Planning During a Pandemic’ resource guide to help you get started.

View or download the full guide from UBS.

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Planning Strategies to Consider During the Current Crisis

With U.S. stocks turning in their worst quarter since the 2008 financial crisis on Tuesday and no true end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, it may feel like too unsettling of a time to think about advanced financial planning strategies. But according to UBS, there are currently a handful of planning strategies that wealthy families should consider. For some, low interest rates and depressed asset values create opportunities that are potentially advantageous.

View or download the full guide from UBS.

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Planning Opportunities to Take Advantage of in Uncertain Times

When prices are low and assets are undervalued, it may be a good time to take advantage of certain estate planning strategies, according to UBS. While the current economic landscape is constantly shifting and coronavirus creates new challenges, now is actually the perfect time to review your financial goals in terms of “advice beyond investing.”

View or download the full guide from UBS.

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Join Worth for Our Financial Front Lines Roundtable Series

It goes without saying that we are in the midst of challenging times. Here at Worth, we—like so many of you—have had to adapt. This means we’ve had to hit pause on some of our live events and are instead focusing on bringing you new online offerings for events to keep our community connected.

Learn how to navigate the shifting financial landscape by joining Worth for Financial Front Lines, a series of expert online discussions, offering global advice, crisis experience and real time analysis as markets respond to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s your access to leading perspectives on the pathways available to manage your wealth and expert counsel on the decisions that are right for your finances, your family and your future.

Each week, Worth, UBS financial advisors and special guests will host these online events to take the complexity out of future proofing your investment portfolio and discuss emerging best practices and strategies to manage your wealth during this time. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask speakers their questions directly.

Register for future Financial Front Lines sessions.

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