Worth At TE22

Worth has partnered with Techonomy on their 2022 ‘Innovation Must Save the World’ retreat in Sonoma, CA to host a series of events and sessions alongside the amazing lineup that Techonomy has put together for this 3-day retreat.  Worth attendees are invited to join the entire event to take advantage of the activities and content that includes Jeffrey Katzenberg, Nobel Prize Winner Maria Ressa, Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, the CEOs of Aura, Autodesk, Consumer Reports, Lucid Motors, Unity, US Steel, Waymo, to name a few.
Jim McCann, Worth’s chairman and founder of 1-800-Flowers, will join the group for intimate conversations focused on topics related to investing, health, philanthropy, and more. For additional details, a list of speakers and to register your interest to attend visit Techonomy 22.

    Haven’t attended a Techonomy retreat? We bring together leaders from business, tech, academia, and beyond, for conversations about some the most pressing issues of our era.

    You will hear from CEOs you know and admire, as well as inspiring leaders that you should know.  You will have the opportunity to expand your network by engaging with a group of creative thinkers and savvy executives.

    The Techonomy Experience (2019)

    The Techonomy Experience (2018)

    November 13-15th
    Sonoma, California at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
    • November 13th Sunday
      3 pm Opening Worth reception & wine tasting
      5.30 pm Cocktail reception
      6.30 pm Dinner
      8:00 pm Conversation with Nobel Prize winner Maria Ressa
    • November 14th Monday
      7 am Wellness Workout
      8 am Worth breakfast on Ethical Investing
      9 am Plenary Program
      12:30 pm Lunch
      1:30 pm Worth breakout session (Topic TBD)
      2:30 pm Plenary program resumes
      5:30 pm Transportation to Viansa Winery
      6:00 pm Dinner
      8:00 pm Evening musical performance
      9:30 pm Transportation back to Fairmont
    • November 15th Tuesday
      7 am Wellness Workout
      8 am Worth breakfast session on Health & Longevity
      9 am Plenary program begins
      12:30 pm Conference concludes
      1 pm Worth private lunch (Invite only)
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