Michelle Wu

Mayor of Boston

Mayor Michelle Wu

The first woman and person of color to be elected mayor of Boston, Michelle Wu claims her place among this year’s groundbreaking women. After a 199-year streak of white, male mayors, Wu is helping pave the way for women and people of color in American politics and causing all of us to ask, “how could it have taken this long?” Wu is no stranger to breaking streaks as she was also the first Asian American woman to serve on the Boston City Council, where she was elected president by her colleagues in a unanimous vote in January 2016. 

“Growing up, I didn’t see leaders who looked like me in positions of power—today, I bring my experience as a mom and a daughter of immigrants to everything I do,” says Mayor Michelle Wu. “For me, it’s important to remember what it’s like in our communities on the outside and to really try to get City Hall out of City Hall, to meet people where they are. Every day I’m inspired and energized by the power of city government to move quickly in partnership with community, and I’m excited for Boston’s future.”

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