Women & Worth Summit 2023

Our annual Women & Worth Summit gathers experts, industry giants, entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials for a day packed with conversations to empower, educate and inspire women to amplify their Worth. 

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Women & Worth is on a mission to accelerate progress toward a more equitable economy for women, closing the gender gap when it comes to finances and funding. We envision a future where more women are investing in themselves and each other, where founders get the funding they need and where more women are leading from the C-suite and the board room.

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Wednesday, April 26th
New York, NY


Kristina Ayanian Client Experience Lead, NASDAQ
Stacey Abrams Co-Founder, Now Corp
Tracy Berkeley CEO, Bermuda Tourism Authority
Mina Black Founder, The RainMakers Collective
Jessica Blumenthal VP Brand & Marketing, Avaline
Faeth Bradley Chief Human Resources Officer, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM
Caroline Brown Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners
Celia Brown Independent Director,
Komel Caruso Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, HerMD
Kristy Caylor CEO, For Days
Dan Costa Chief Content Officer, Worth Media
Eva Crouse Staff Editor for Worth Media Group
Gabrielle Doré Assistant Editor, Worth Media Group
Sarah Dunn Executive Mentor at Crenshaw Associates
Tamsen Fadal Journalist, Menopause Advocate, Author
Jill Faherty Lloyd First Vice President, UBS Financial Services
Sarah Feinberg Former NYC MTA President; Founder, Feinberg Strategies
Gloria Feldt Cofounder & President, Take The Lead Women
Sarah Foley Partner, SWAT Equity Partners
Heather Hartnett General Partner and CEO, Human Ventures
Lara Hodgson President & CEO, Now Corp
Michelle Jacobs Co-founder & COO, Womaness
Valerie Jarrett CEO, Obama Foundation
Jenny Just Co-founder & Managing Partner, PEAK6
Josh Kampel CEO, Worth Media Group
Kange Kaneene VP, SAP.iO Foundries North and Latin America and Caribbean
Stacy Kerr Partner, Penta Group
Sallie Krawcheck CEO and Co-Founder, Ellevest
Pam Krueger Founder & CEO, Wealthramp
Elizabeth Layne Chief Marketing Officer, Rebag
Shelly Lombard Board Director, Bed Bath & Beyond l Craft 1861; GP, Causeway Investments
Jim McCann Chairman, Worth and Chairman & Founder, 1-800-FLOWERS
Doris Meister Chairman and CEO, Wilmington Trust Company
Zara Nanu Chief Executive Officer, Gapsquare from XpertHR
Jacqueline Newman Managing Partner, Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein
Laura Nix Gerson VP Partnerships, Worth Media Group and Director, Women & Worth
Holly Parker Founder & CEO, The Holly Parker Group, Douglas Elliman
Maria Pinelli CEO, Strategic Growth Advisors and Independent Board Director
Sarah Puil Founder & CEO, BOXT
Illana Raia Founder & CEO, Être
Marvina Robinson Founder & CEO, B. Stuyvesant Champagne
Robyn Russell Senior Director, Gender Diverse Investing Collective, Tara Health Foundation
Dr. Ruth Shaber Founder & President, Tara Health Foundation
Rachel Braun Scherl Managing Partner and Co-Founder, SPARK Solutions for Growth
Lisa Shalett Co-Founder, Extraordinary Women on Boards; Board Director
Shamina Singh Founder & President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth
Keith Sonderling Commissioner, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Breen Sullivan Founder, The Fourth Floor
Alisa Volkman Co-Founder & CEO, The Swell
  • Wednesday, April 26th | 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. ET Women & Worth Summit 2023

    The Women & Worth Summit returns to NYC on Wednesday, April 26th.

    Join Worth for a full day packed with conversations that will empower, educate and inspire women to amplify their Worth.

  • Leading with Intention: Overcoming Obstacles on the Path to Leadership

    Gloria Feldt is an author and women’s leadership advocate and former CEO of Planned Parenthood.  Feldt will discuss the challenges women face in leadership roles and the strategies they can use to overcome these obstacles. Fedlt will also discuss the role of empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability in leadership, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships and cultivating a sense of trust and transparency.

  • Why Women Should Take Big Jobs in Government

    Speakers will discuss the importance of women in government office, covering topics related to gender equality and political leadership. The conversation will highlight the benefits of having more women in government office and discuss women’s challenges in politics and public service.

  • Fortune and Finance: A Conversation with Wilmington Trust CEO Doris Meister

    Doris Meister, CEO of Wilmington Trust, will sit down with founder & chairman Jim McCann to discuss her career arc and share advice on how more women can align their paths to reach the c-suite. Taking on increasingly larger roles and responsibilities, making savvy decisions, finding good mentors, and honing leadership skills are all critical elements to reaching the top.

  • Women, Poker & Power

    Ilana Raia, Founder of Être Girls, and Jenny Just, self made billionaire and founder of PEAK6 will discuss Jenny’s mission to teach women how to play poker and why it relates to power dynamics in business. Jenny will share personal stories and insights from her own experience playing poker and offer practical tips and strategies for women seeking to develop these skills in their own lives.

  • Level Up: Scaling Your Business & Career in Today's Economy

    Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson co-founded NOW Corp together and will share insights and lessons learned from their successful partnership in building a mission-driven business.The discussion will explore how their founder journey led them to create a company dedicated to enabling businesses to grow fearlessly.

  • Why Investing in Women is Good for Business and Society

    This discussion brings together Mina Black of the RainMakers Collective, Heather Hartnett of Human VC, and Sarah Foley of SWAT Equity Partners to address the importance of investing in women-led businesses and the unique challenges and opportunities in this space. The panelists will offer practical tips and strategies for women entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital and for investors seeking to support diverse founders.

  • How AI is Addressing Gender Inequity

    Keith Sonderling, Commissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to address gender inequity across various industries and sectors. The discussion will provide insights into how AI can be leveraged to promote more equitable and inclusive workplaces and societies.

  • The Ongoing Push for Pay Equity

    Research consistently shows that women earn less than men in nearly every occupation and sector, with the gap even wider for women of color. This pay inequity not only affects women’s financial security and career opportunities but also has broader implications for economic growth and social justice. Kange Kaneene and Zara Nanu discuss the continuing push for pay equity.

  • Women, Money & Divorce

    Untangling assets and navigating legal challenges is complex and can result in a significant reduction in income. Speakers will explore the financial and emotional implications of divorce for women, and provide insights into how women can protect their financial well-being.

  • Bermuda's Time in the Sun

    NASDAQ’s Kristina Ayanian will sit down with the newly appointed CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority Tracy Berkeley to discuss her role and what’s next for the revered island nation.

  • The How and Why of Landing a Seat in the Boardroom


    Breen Sullivan of The Fourth Floor discuss the Diversity Landscape during the Women & Worth Summit. 

    Lisa Shalett of Extraordinary Women on Boards, Breen Sullivan of The Fourth Floor, Maria Pinelli of Strategic Growth Advisors, and accomplished board director Shelly Lombard address the current state of gender diversity in corporate boardrooms and why it matters. They will share insights and best practices from their experiences in boardroom leadersh

    ip and offer advice to women interested in pursuing these roles.

  • The State of Financial Wellness for Women

    Sallie Krawcheck, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, will address the current state of financial wellness for women and the unique challenges they face in achieving financial security. She will discuss the need for women to take a more active role in their financial planning, including setting clear financial goals, investing regularly, and seeking out financial education and support.

  • The Business of Menopause

    Women’s health and wellness expert Rachel Braun Scherl will lead a conversation with Michelle Jacobs, Co-founder and COO of Womanesss, Komel Karuso, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of HerMD, and Alisa Volkman, Co-founder & CEO of the Swell as they consider the challenges and opportunities in the emerging market for menopause products and services. The discussion will explore the long-ignored impacts of menopause on women’s health and well-being, as well as market gaps and the potential for new businesses.

  • Financial Inclusion in the Global Economy

    Stacy Kerr of Penta and Shamina Singh of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth will discuss the financial status of woman in the global economy and ways to improve equity for all.

  • Who Controls Capital: Why Women Making Decisions in Finance Matters

    Pam Krueger, Founder & CEO of Wealthramp will interview Ruth Shaber, Founder & President of Tara Health Foundation and Robyn Russell, Sr Director Gender diverse Investing Collective about the importance of gender diversity in finance and the impact it has on investment decisions. The panelists will discuss the underrepresentation of women in the finance industry, both in leadership roles and as investors. They highlighted the significant role that women can play in decision-making, particularly in the allocation of capital.

  • Navigating the New Normal: Post-Pandemic Corporate Culture

    Human resources experts Faeth Bradley, Celia Brown, and Sarah Dunn will discuss the challenges and opportunities for corporate culture in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This discussion will explore the impact of remote work, mentorship, flexible schedules, and other pandemic-related changes on workplace culture and offer practical tips for navigating these challenges.

  • Building a Sustainable Fashion Ecosystem

    Panelists Caroline Brown of Closed Loop Partners, Kristy Caylor of For Days, and Elizabeth Layne of Rebag will explore the challenges and opportunities for the fashion industry in achieving sustainability goals.The discussion will cover a range of topics related to fashion and sustainability, including the circular economy, the environmental impact of production and consumption, the need for more sustainable materials and methods, and the role of technology in driving sustainability in the industry.

  • Women & Wine

    Marvina Robinson of B. Stuyvesant Champagne, Sarah Puil of BOXT, Jessica Blumenthal of Avaline, and Gabriella Macari of Macari Vineyards will join Worth Media’s Gabrielle Doré to discuss the rapidly evolving wine industry.

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