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(Sonoma Valley, California) $50 (750ml)

To drink wine from a very old vine is to take into one’s body a moment from the past. In this case, a magical moment from 120 years ago when these vines were planted in Sonoma Valley. This is an uncommon wine—first, perhaps because it’s so majestically structured (age has its assets). Second, because the wine is composed of 27 different historic varieties interplanted in the same vineyard, including zinfandel, carignan, mataro and petite sirah. This was the way great vineyards of the past were planted, and the wine is rich, precisely focused and complex. Bedrock is owned by Morgan Twain-Peterson, the son of Joel Peterson (of Ravenswood fame). His goal: “to channel the fruit of ancient vines into powerful, elegant, and distinctly Californian wines.” And he does. (14.3% abv)

91 points KM

Available at Brix26.com

What is Sillery?

  • A. A medieval wine made from sprouted grain mixed with honey
  • B. The brand name of the highest quality basket press typically used in Bordeaux and the Napa Valley
  • C. A Shakespearean euphemism for wine
  • D. A famous village in Champagne

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“his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine”

—e e cummings, American poet (1894-1962)


How would aliens react to wine? Would wine play a role in the way that aliens perceive Earth? Recently, these lines came across my desk in the form of a press release. (I swear, I am not making this up). Apparently the question of what extraterrestrials might think about wine is the subject of a new writing contest launched by Winetourismspain.com, a travel portal that specializes in Spanish wine, food and travel. Contestants are asked to write a short story about the first encounter an alien might have with wine anywhere in Spain. (Earlier this year, NASA announced that it is only a matter of time until life is found on other planets, hence the timeliness of the issue. And who knows? Perhaps extraterrestrials are extraterroirial in their outlook.) There is no word on what the winner of the aliens-and-wine contest might receive.


The above-ground portion of the vine. The scion is grafted onto the rootstock. The scion is the grape variety (cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay, for example) grown by the plant.

D.Sillery is a village in the Marne department of Champagne. The village’s vineyards fall into the subregion of Champagne known as the Montagne de Reims and are 100 percent Grand Cru. The chardonnay in particular is renowned.


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