[Past Event] Why High Net Worth Individuals & Families Should Consider Investing in Barbados

Apart from its strong human capital, modern infrastructure, sophisticated business environment and excellent quality of life, Barbados is recognized as a reputable, transparent and well-regulated jurisdiction for international business—an attractive option for high net worth individuals and families looking for a second home location, or a base from which to launch a global business. Join Worth and Invest Barbados for an intimate discussion on why Barbados is an attractive place to establish and grow a business, invest capital and call home.

Featuring: Sir Paul Altman, Kt., Managing Director, Altman Real Estate Giles A.M. Carmichael, Partner, Chancery Chambers and Nancy Vailakis, Senior Advisor, Socium Fund Services

Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 11 a.m. ET


Sir Paul Altman, Kt Managing Director, Altman Real Estate
Giles Carmichael Partner, Chancery Chambers
Nancy Vailakis Business Development | Investor Relations | Thought Leadership
Juliet Scott-Croxford CEO, Worth
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