The Endless Potential of AI and ChatGPT with Dave Kerpen

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

It’s no secret that AI is rapidly changing the world we live in. We’ve just scratched the surface at with our own versions of AI, MomVerse and DadJokeGPT.  Some fear the long-term impacts, or write it off for trivial reasons, but I see it as a tool to accelerate and improve. ChatGPT and other AI tools can help people be the best versions of themselves, overcome constraints, and even be a way to help people build and deepen their relationships.

My friend Dave Kerpen, a NY Times bestselling author, founder of, and global keynote speaker, has spent his career on the cutting edge of technology. As a young marketing professional in the early 2000s, Dave saw the potential that Facebook had to change the marketing landscape and quickly adopted it. Now with generative AI technology, Dave is once again exploring and utilizing this massive new force in the digital world.

Dave and I discuss how ChatGPT can dramatically shift our lives and change the world, and we share actionable tips on how you can use it to your advantage. We even delve into some less-obvious utilizations for your personal and professional life that you’ll want to hear!