Mental Health in the Music Industry with Happy Jack Entertainment

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

Music industry veteran, David Nathan teamed up with International DJ, Sam Koch to launch Happy Jack Entertainment. They are on a mission to bring mental health awareness and advocacy to all through music and are on a path to disrupt the industry in order to do so.
David Nathan tragically lost his 19 year old son, Jack, in July of 2020. Before his passing, Jack founded a mental health awareness lifestyle brand, Happy Jack, from his dorm room, to ensure that kids like him didn’t feel alone.
Inspired by Jack’s selflessness and turning grief into action, David and Sam set out to honor his memory by continuing his mission to help others and as Jack liked to say “make this world a better place”.
In this episode, we discuss the power music has to build community, where the music industry has failed in supporting artists’ mental health, and how Happy Jack Entertainment plans to reframe the industry in regards to artist stewardship and fan experiences – changing both the perspective and the narrative of mental health.