How Tech and Data Can Diversify Networks

Health+Wealth of America April 2021 Conference

Asmau Ahmed, founder of Plum Perfect and a senior executive at a major bank, focused on the ability data has to improve diversity, a concept she is exploring with her new startup, The Diversity Meter. It is a tool for companies and individuals to measure the diversity of networks—whether among contacts or in a senior leadership team. It spotlights weaknesses and suggests ways to diversify connections and networks. The goal is to overcome the natural, unconscious ways that people create communities, which almost always results in associations with people who are like themselves. Asmau described a moment when she looked over her Linkedin profile connections and followers on Instagram and realized that the majority of the people she surrounded herself with look just like her. It’s critical to both long term social success and even innovation to expose yourself methodically to a diversity of people and views.