Combating Food Insecurity with Dr. Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

This week, Smile Farms opens its 12th campus in partnership with Catholic Health.  The new campus is unique in serving those who are specifically dealing with mental health diagnoses and behavioral challenges and is the first campus exclusively dedicated to donations.

The donated produce will support Catholic Health’s Food Insecurity Initiative, built to screen emergency room patients for vital hunger signs and if deemed food needy, patients are given a “to-go” bag filled with fresh, healthy food options.  The program, led by President and CEO Dr. Patrick O’Shaughnessy, will also provide direct referrals to community-based organizations to identify resources for regular access to healthy foods.

Dr. Patrick has an intense focus on quality and performance and is transforming Catholic Health’s system of 6 hospitals, 17,000 employees, and a network of facilities and physicians, to advocate prevention as the best defense towards fighting diseases.

In this episode of Power & Impact, Dr. Patrick and I discuss the importance of nutrition in our overall health and longevity and how building deep relationships contribute to our wellness and sense of well-being.