Enhancing Relationships Through Creative Experiences with Dan Hermann

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

One of my core beliefs is that we have to be intentional about building and maintaining our relationships with the people that matter most to us. Every activity is an opportunity to deepen a connection we have with somebody important or new in our lives which is why I applaud Dan Hermann for what he has created with PaintNite.com.

Paint Nite is a fun and engaging live events company centered around creating experiences for people to get out, have fun, meet new people, and do engaging activities with their friends and family. Through creating these live artistic experiences, people are able to access their vulnerability (after all, not everyone can be Picasso!), strengthen relationships, and make new friends along the way.

In Dan’s words, “People want to be with their friends, their family, and to get out of the house; and the painting is just the activity that shapes everything.”

Dan and I discuss his entrepreneurial journey from founding the laundry service Lazybones at the University of Wisconsin, to what he’s doing today at Paint Nite. We also discuss the importance of building community, the loneliness epidemic, and what happens as our loved ones age.