Music, Humor, and Travel: The Secrets to Bringing People Closer Together with Bob Guccione Jr.

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

Humor is a powerful force to help us connect. During difficult times, taking a moment to laugh can mean all the difference. According to Bob Guccione Jr, founder of SPIN magazine, laughing together is actually one of the top three most intimate things that we can do together as humans. It should come as no surprise that this spirit is at the core of Bob’s newest venture, the irreverent travel blog WONDERLUST.

On this week’s Power & Impact, Bob and Jim sit down for a fascinating conversation that runs through his life and career – from growing up in post-WWII London, to healing wartime scars by staging the U2 Concert for Sarajevo, to why travel has become the center of his publishing exploits. This episode is a great reminder of the power that music, laughter, travel, and food have to strengthen relationships, break down social barriers, and inspire us all to live more fully in the moment.