Building Better Brands with Former President and CEO of WW, Mindy Grossman

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

In this episode of Power & Impact, Jim McCann interviews Mindy Grossman, Partner at Consello Group and former President and CEO of WW (formerly Weight Watchers). Mindy shares her journey in the apparel industry, her time at Nike, and the importance of understanding and connecting with the consumer. She shares the vision behind Consello and how they are leading the way as a one-of-a-kind financial services advisory and strategic investing platform.

Jim and Mindy discuss company culture, touching on allyship, productive discomfort, and creating an environment that embraces and supports all individuals, as well as the role of leadership in fostering all of these factors. Learn how these elements contribute to better outcomes and help create an environment where everyone feels valued and aligned.

Tune in to gain insights from Mindy’s incredible experiences and learn about the exciting world of Consello Group.