A Night with Tony Robbins

Robbins swore he wouldn't write another book for 10 years

CUT by Wolfgang Puck, 99 Church Street New York, NY 10007

Conversations with Worth is a dinner series where groups of individuals participate in lightly moderated discussions with Worth Group executives and thought leaders.

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and philanthropist, and he is considered to be the nation’s no. 1 life and business strategist. This kind of intimate appearance by Tony, who usually speaks to thousands of people at a time, is extremely rare. This dinner appearance marked the release of his second book of financial advice, Unshakeable – Your Financial Freedom Playbook, co-written with Peter Mallouk, CEO of wealth management firm Creative Planning. The book will be accompanied by several television appearances.

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Video and Spark by Carly Ciricillo.