A Conversation on Adult Male Friendships

Worth is excited to present the next installment of their podcast series — Power & Impact

Lately, I’ve been exploring the role relationships play in our well-being. Cultivating deep and meaningful relationships is critical to maintaining mental health and finding personal fulfillment, but it’s also something that many men struggle with.

I’ve become acutely aware that many men are reporting difficulty connecting with other men beyond surface-level or acquaintanceship, and this trend has only grown worse since the pandemic. What is causing this, and how can we address it?

During the early days of Covid, I read an article written by Dr. George Everly and reached out to express my appreciation for his work. This blossomed into us becoming “Covid buddies,” and since then strengthened our bond through many discussions on psychology, mental health, and relationships.

Recently George wrote an article regarding male friendships, so we’re diving deeper with two of my other close friends: Larry Zarin and Dick Auletta. Our conversation goes from impactful moments to lighthearted fun as we discuss how different role models have affected our male friendships, taking initiative to create and enhance relationships, and the importance of expressing our feelings to the ones we love.