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The Unexpected Pairing You Should Gift This Valentine’s Day

While chocolate and tequila might not feel like an intuitive pairing, it actually works really well together and offers something unique and different this Valentine’s Day.

Casa Dragones Joven and chocolate bars from Dandelion Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. In the event that you are still in need of a gift idea for a loved one, I’d like to suggest the Casa Dragones sipping tequila and Dandelion chocolate bundle. While tequila and chocolate might not be an obvious pairing, they actually work surprising well together. In this gift set, you receive a bottle of Casa Dragones Joven, which is a 100 percent Blue Agave silver and extra-aged tequila in a pure crystal decanter, and a set of three single-origin dark chocolate bars from Belize, Ecuador and Colombia that have been specially selected to pair with Casa Dragones Joven. The chocolates are rich and flavorsome, while the tequila is a clean, acidic complement that offers a complete sensory experience. Let me tell you how I experienced these chocolates with the tequila.

Upon setting a square of the Maya Mountain, Belize bar on my tongue, I was immediately hit with a smoky flavor. It reminds of whiskey’s oaky smokiness. This particular chocolate is an interesting and unobvious pairing with the Joven. You would think to pair it with whiskey, but the clean taste of the tequila actually compliments the dark chocolate nicely. The tequila is sharp and acidic, while the chocolate is bitter, smoky and indulgent.

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I then moved on to the Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador bar. When I smelled this chocolate, it had dark berry notes that I immediately loved. Despite the bitterness of the dark chocolate, it is slightly sweet and slightly tart with distinct notes of raspberry. The tequila cuts through that sweetness and compliments it with its lime notes.

Lastly, I enjoyed the Tumaco, Colombia bar. Of all the chocolate bars, this one was the most distinctly chocolate-y, with fudge and ever-so-slight vanilla notes. The tequila was really interesting with this one because the chocolate lent a sweetness to the spirit. It was really nice. Of all the chocolate bars offered to pair with tequila, I enjoyed this one the most.

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I’m not one for sipping tequila, but I enjoyed this a lot. The tequila is acidic, clean in flavor, slightly lime-y with a warm finish. The design of the bottle is also so stunning, simple and clean, like the tequila itself. I think the bottle alone would make for a gorgeous gift.

While chocolate and tequila might not feel like an intuitive pairing, it actually works really well together and offers something unique and different as far as pairings go. And as far as Valentine’s Day gifts go, it will make for an original and interesting gift for the spirits connoisseur in your life.

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