[Past Event]: The Importance of Family Values and Business Legacy

Families of Worth is a community of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences contributing to the betterment of the whole. The Families of Worth Virtual series brings together values-driven and impactful individuals—from founders and CEOs to major philanthropists—to hear unique speakers, forge new connections and foster a culture of equality and diversity. Providing a high-touch experience for the Families of Worth Community with informative dialogue around philanthropy, impact, innovation, legacy, succession, relationships, social inclusion, diversity and more. Worth will create engaging storytelling and intimate, connection-building experiential events that create multiple and authentic touchpoints and build relationships.

Instilling a business with a founder’s vision, values and philosophy is an important aspect of generational success. In this session, Worth will be joined by Maurice Hennessy, the eighth generation of his family in the illustrious cognac maison, and UBS Head of Family and Philanthropy Advisory Americas Judy Spalthoff for a discussion on how to understand and share those values, why they are so important as you grow your business and how to impart them into the fabric of your business for generations to come.

Co-hosted by: Jim McCann, Chairman of Worth and Chairman & Founder of 1-800-FLOWERS, and Juliet Scott-Croxford, CEO of Worth

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Thursday, November 5, 2 p.m. ET


Maurice Hennessy International Hennessy Ambassador
Judy Spalthoff, Head of Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services at UBS
Judy Spalthoff Managing Director and Head of Family Advisory and Philanthropy Services, CAP®, UBS
Jim McCann Chairman, Worth and Chairman & Founder, 1-800-FLOWERS
Juliet Scott-Croxford CEO, Worth
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