Digital Edition: The Sustainability Issue

07 | The Sustainability Issue 2022

Welcome to Worth Magazine’s first-ever Sustainability Issue! This magazine reflects our growing understanding that as the world changes, business must change with it. There are new constraints on extractive industries, some by government regulation, but others by consumer demand. Right now, everyone from the nation’s leading financial advisors to consumers at the grocery store are making decisions based on sustainability. All businesses, and business leaders, will have to adapt. In this issue, we chose winemaking as a model for sustainable agriculture, green manufacturing, and consumer product marketing.


After Jackson Family Wines’ Julia Jackson lost her home to wildfires, she founded Grounded to shift the course of climate change.

Here are six of Worth’s fall picks to help you navigate the world of sustainable and luxury fashion.

There are hundreds of biodynamic and or- ganic wines available worldwide, but these are some of our favorites.

Two global crises forced City Winery’s Michael Dorf to rethink his business model at critical moments. He found success and sustainability on the other side of both.

These businesses made sustainability part of their DNA and made an impact in 2022.

Goldman Sachs’s Abigail Pohlman helps clients shape the development of renew- able energy and technologies.

How Jim McCann, the founder and chairman of 1-800 Flowers and Clarim Media, changed his mind about the urgency of climate change.

Recycling plastic water bottles won’t save us, “system thinking” will according to the Carbon Almanac’s Seth Godin.

Founder and CEO of Terracycle, Tom Szaky, transformed his composting company into a multimillion-dollar enterprise that helps big players recycle.

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