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37 Must-Haves for One Last Summer Hurrah!

Before we close the book on summer ’21, Worth recommends these 37 items to make the most of what remains of everyone’s favorite season.

Don’t blink because summer is almost over. Photo courtesy of Ethan Robertson via Unsplash

And just like that, fall is, if not yet visible in the foliage itself, hovering ahead, ready to pounce as soon as the sun sets on Labor Day, which falls on September 6 this year. Of course, technically, the season itself doesn’t officially end until later in the month, but we all know that for all intents and purposes, once the kids head back to school, the HOA closes the neighborhood pool, and Starbucks starts serving pumpkin-flavored lattes, summer is effectively over.

But fear not—there are still a few weeks to enjoy the heat, and Worth has compiled the ultimate list of items you will want to have to make the most of what time remains.

Our recommendations for end-of-summer “must-haves” span an array of categories from travel and fashion to technology and gadgets to drinks and eats—and just about everything in between. These items were curated by Worth and do not represent any type of ranking per se. One can hardly compare a set of high-end luggage with a luxury box filled with cans of Beluga caviar; both are, in our view, essential to taking advantage of the waning weeks of summer, but in very different ways.

With that in mind, let’s get to Worth’s list of the 37 items you need to close out the summer of ’21 with a bang.

1. The Waverly Outdoor Furniture Collection by Yardbird

Retail Price: $3,240 (sofa and two swivel chair set)

Yardbird will make any backyard deck or patio only look like you went for broke. Photo courtesy of Yardbird

Yardbird founder Jay Dillon reinvented the outdoor and patio furniture category by going straight to the top global producers of premium outdoor furniture, cutting out expensive middlemen who do nothing but tack on margin, and bringing these same high-end products straight to the consumer. The end-result is a portfolio of beautiful, high-quality pieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg. No matter what your style, Yardbird likely has something that suits your taste in al fresco décor. Don’t know where to begin? Worth recommends Yardbird’s Waverly Collection for its versatility and timeless style that will look at home in just about any outdoor setting.

2.The CrossCurrent X Step-Through ebike by Juiced Bikes

Retail Price: Starting at $1,999

The perfect time machine for making the final summer minutes stretch out just a wee bit longer. Photo courtesy of Juiced Bikes

First of all, if you have yet to experience the joy of riding an electric bicycle, put that on your to-do list. Second, if you are going to go out and buy one, we highly recommend you consider this latest invention from Juiced Bikes. Designed with an open frame style for comfortable mounting and dismounting, the Crosscurrent X Step-Through Electric Bike is a joy to ride. Its stylish design will be an eye-catcher, both in the city and the beach. With a 52v battery, this model has an amazing 65+ mile range to get you where you need to go—and back.

3. Luxury Entertaining and Barware Accessories by Joanna Buchanan

Retail Price: $64 per piece

Chic home décor accessories that will impress even the most distinguished of patio guests. Photo courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

High-end summer barware accessories have been taken to a new level by designer Joanna Buchanan, a creator of inventive, luxurious and whimsical accessories for the table, bar and home. Her inspired ensemble of fun yet elegant libationary crustacean accessories will give any poolside drink tray that extra je ne sais quoi that you never knew you were missing. Buchanan masterfully pulls together an unmistakable vision for color, texture and pattern in her work in these seaside-inspired bar accessories, which are sure to be a conversation piece at your next summer soiree.

4. Living Walls by the Good Earth Plant Company

Retail Price: Upon Request

Literally bring your walls to life. Photo courtesy of Good Earth Plant Company

Bring Mother Nature into your home for the ultimate summer retreat with a living wall. Also known as green walls, vertical gardens, plant walls and edible walls, this living form of décor has become a mainstream luxury design feature in high-end homes, offices and hotels. Living walls keep growing in popularity, limited only by human creativity, and they can be installed indoors with the right lighting or outside for year-round use in most Southern climates. For those who loathe the winter months, it’s a way to keep a bit of summer with you as you head into January and February.

5. The Olivia Patchwork Python by Aera New York

Retail Price: $375

Summer chic: luxury vegan footwear with no environmental footprint. Photo courtesy of Aera New York

Aera New York is the world’s premier luxury vegan footwear company, and its Olivia Patchwork Python is a masterpiece in design, comfort, sumptuous luxury and—incredibly—sustainability. Vegan fashion has been on full display all summer on the streets of New York, Rome and Tokyo and is perhaps the largest macrotrend to hit the fashion world in decades. Aera New York has quietly emerged as the favorite brand among global tastemakers, celebrities (Katie Holmes is a huge fan!) and fashionistas worried about the environmental impact that all that jet-setting and wardrobe churn has induced. The doyenne of this eco-friendly fashionista movement is former Dolce & Gabbana president Tina Bhojwani, who has made it her mission to reduce her company’s environmental impact by making each product sold 110 percent sustainable, accomplished by taking steps to offset the impact of production by reinvesting back into the environment. Aera’s “110 percent offset” philosophy is core to its commitment of not only neutralizing its impact on the planet but also to helping it heal.

6. The Scotia Sweater by Sh*T That I Knit

Retail Price: $200

Perfect for chilly summer nights. Photo courtesy of Sh*t that I Knit

Here is a sweater that not only feels good but is one item you can feel good about wearing. From the memorably named apparel company Sh*t That I Knit, the Scotia Sweater really hits the spot. Available in tan, white and navy, the Scotia is made using premium, sustainable materials by the company’s team of 170 artisan women in Lima, Peru. Sh*t That I Knit empowers women to knit from home, enabling them to take care of their children while earning a viable income to support their families.

7. The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Next Adaptor

Retail Price: $180

WiFi that works well into the backyard! Photo courtesy of Devolo

Whether your last hurrah of a summer plan entails a trip up to a cabin, a vacation rental at the shore or a staycation at home, it’s imperative that you stay seamlessly connected no matter how far away the router is, and for that, Worth recommends Devolo’s Magic 2 WiFi Next. This WiFi adapter combines advanced mesh WiFi with next-gen powerline technology for high-performance internet connectivity and provide strong connectivity for distances of up to 1,600 feet from the router.

8. Sterling Pacific Full-Aluminum Travel Cases & Luggage Set

Retail Price: $1,295 for the 35L Cabin Travel Case and $1,795 for the 80L Check-In Travel Case

Sparing no expense, the 113-year-old historic Sterling Pacific brand has been refreshed and just in time for what is anticipated to be a surge of domestic and international travel not only in the fleeting weeks of summer but all year round. Offering more than just a sleek appearance that harkens back to the days when trains were the preferred means of transport for those who desired to travel in style, these sturdy, full-aluminum travel cases are made from top-grade 5052 and A380 aluminum, two alloys used in the construction of aircraft and in aerospace engineering; juxtaposed against the full-grain leather handles which are handcrafted from an Italian tannery, you have a show-stopper that will turn heads as you make your way across the lobby of the Georges V in Paris, the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach or anywhere else where making a grand entrance counts.

9. Nordés Gin

Retail Price: $40 (700 mL)

In Galicia, gin is a way of life. Photo courtesy of Nordés

In Spain, gin and tonics have been elevated to an art form. Whether your plans involve a cookout, picnic or an outdoor get-together, celebrate the summer season with an elegant cocktail made with Nordés Gin. Hailing from Galicia, Spain, Nordés Gin is a one-of-a-kind premium gin using alcohol obtained from the Albariño wine grape. A blend of indigenous Galician ingredients, Nordés Gin aromatics draw from the bay laurel, lemon verbena, eucalyptus and a maritime plant known as Salicornia—combinations not found anywhere else. The inclusion of wine in the base spirit lends to a silky but light texture, making Nordés Gin a perfect fit for premium cocktails. Nordés Gin is the first Atlantic Galician gin showcasing distinctive salty, floral and citrus flavors that evoke the forests and coastlines of its home.

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10. Nomatic Travel Bag

Retail Price: $280

Your summer non-emergency go-bag. Photo courtesy of Nomatic

The Nomatic 30L Travel Bag is the perfect go-anywhere, do-anything bag. Part duffel bag, part backpack, the Nomatic is made with durable, water-resistant materials to keep your stuff dry no matter what you get yourself into. It’s like the Jeep Wrangler of adventure bags. It even has a shoe compartment with a ventilated door and water-resistant flap, allowing you to choose if you want to keep water out or allow for ventilation.

11. The Poseidon Pro Portable Charger

Retail Price: $120

Let Poseidon protect your important files from the elements. Photo courtesy of Dark Energy

The Poseidon brand by Dark Energy has built a reputation for being among the best portable chargers on the market, but the new Poseidon Pro takes portability to a new level; it is a charging system that is fully waterproof, drop-proof and crushproof—certified to military standard MIL- STD 810G. Never be stranded without power again, no matter where your travels take you.

12. Stratford Traditional Steel Pergola

Retail Price: $2,399 (16 x 12 feet)

Create a unique backyard relaxation space with a stylish steel pergola. Photo courtesy of Backyard Discovery

The Stratford Steel Pergola is Backyard Discovery’s newest state-of-the art addition to its patio collection. It comes in several finishes, but Worth recommends the stylish black steel finish. The powder-coated, galvanized steel construction makes the Stratford pergola maintenance-free and rust-resistant while offering protection against chipping, scratching, corrosion and UV harm. The unit preserves the classically inspired appearance of a traditional outdoor structure design with modern, durable steel composition.

13. The Core 400S VeSync Smart Air Purifier by Levoit

Retail Price: $220

Keep the quality of your summer indoor air fresh. Photo courtesy of Levoit

Summer months—particularly those final weeks of August and early September—can be blazing hot, and with your AC in overdrive, you’ll want to be extra sure you are mindful of the quality of the air circulating indoors. The Core 400S VeSync by Levoit is the perfect solution for keeping indoor air quality fresh while adding just a dash of elegance to any room. It traps 99.99 percent of airborne particles including bacteria, mold, viruses, pollen, pet dander and allergens, protecting users throughout allergy and flu season. The purifier can be easily connected to Google Voice or Alexa.

14. Designed Life Delivered Subscription Box Set

Retail Price: $99 (Quarterly Subscription)

Seasonal décor at your door. Photo courtesy of Designed Life Delivered

Although not exclusively a summer thing, we couldn’t pass up the chance to mention Designed Life Delivered, an upscale home décor subscription box company. Every three months, a beautiful, curated new home décor box arrives that is inspired by the current season and latest trends in decorating and design. Each box contains five to eight items for multiple rooms in your home, including blankets, vases, plates, bowls, trays, candles and much more. The idea is simple: provide a touch of elegance to every room in your home with beautiful and long-lasting home décor accessories. We recommend the quarterly subscription plan option.

15. The Lolly Top Geo Pop by Jilaine Swim

Retail Price: $85

All Jilaine swimsuits are named after delicious popsicles—perfect for late summer fun. Photo courtesy of Jilaine Swim

Consciously created in Southern California from ocean waste and recycled water bottles, the fabric in the Lolly Top Geo Pop by Jilaine Swim not only looks good but feels goodboth on your skin and inside, for as good as you look comes the satisfaction that you are doing something for the environment as well. Perfect for a Labor Day pool party.

16. Lobos 1707 Mezcal Artesanal

Retail Price: $55 (750 mL)

Yes, Lobos 1707 is the tequila and mezcal brand that is backed by NBA superstar LeBron James, and the company probably overplays the celebrity endorsement piece a bit too much (if that is indeed possible), but don’t let that distract you from what is a really good brand of agave distilled spirits. The Lobos 1707 Mezcal is a sultry liquid you will definitely enjoy sipping on a late summer evening, each sip evoking the flavors of traditional espadin agave roasting in a traditional open Oaxacan fire pit. The result is a mezcal with a smoky yet smooth liquid with a subtle burn of spice.

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17. Yale Valuables Safe

Retail Price: $69

While away from home, keep your mind at ease by keeping your valuables safe in a Yale Safe. Photo courtesy of Yale

From family photos and heirlooms to important documents, the steel alarmed safe by Yale will protect your valuables and give you peace of mind. Made from solid steel, the safe comes with built-in 130dB alarms, an anti-bump cylinder, digital keypad entry with 100,000 possible combinations and back-up keys in case a mechanical override is needed.

18. Monfleurie Cognac

Retail Price: $2,900 (Edition L’Orchidée 750mL)

A distinguished way to sip poolside. Photo courtesy of Monfleurie

Monfleurie Cognac is incredibly rare. And pricey. The brand was brought to life by international fashion model Olga Otrokhova in partnership with Maison Boinaud, the historic cognac house located right on the sun-drenched hills of Angeac in Grande Champagne. Only two barrels of the very precious liquid were produced for this first edition, which explains why its 750 mL Edition L’Orchidée Signature will set you back nearly three grand; but with the exquisite elixir that possesses a hypnotically wonderful, rich and complex, floral bouquet, you also get a Monfleurie crystal handblown carafe with an individually engraved number and a lacquered hand-polished heavy gift box that will be passed down for generations. You may never meet your great, great grandchildren, but with this heirloom, they will certainly know what you liked to drink beside the pool on a late summer afternoon in 2021.

19. The Annie by Tecovas

Retail Price: $255

Channel your inner cowgirl. Photo courtesy of Tecova

Available in both sequoia and coca colors, the Annie by Tecovas is the perfect boot for late summer weekend at the ranch. Or for a night out on the town. Texas-based Tecovas’ newest cowgirl boot features a tall, angled heel and 14” shaft adorned with a stylish stitched pattern in gradient tonal thread. These premium bovine boots will be great for summer fun and will age beautifully over time.

20. Spiceology Belgium Beer Spice Blends

Retail Price: $14

Try this new spice ensemble and shake things up on the grill. Photo courtesy of Spiceology

Even spices need to get, well, spiced up a bit now and then, and these new Belgium beer-infused spice blends from Spiceology won’t disappoint. These admixtures are carefully curated to inspire friends and family to come together and experiment with new flavors with innovative profiles. And what pairs better than beer and BBQ? The Summer BBQ blend offers a tasty balance of onion, brown sugar, garlic and celery salt with mild heat.

21. Classic California White Sturgeon Caviar from The Caviar Company

Retail Price: $325 (125g can)

It’s now easier than ever to make caviar a part of your daily summer routine. Photo courtesy of Krissa El-Saden

Thanks to San Francisco-based The Caviar Company, the world’s best caviar can be had every night of the week. Committed to opening your palate to one of the finest delicacies in the world, this new caviar hub sources sustainable caviar that is of the highest quality and consistency available. Worth recommends the California White Sturgeon. Farmed in Sacramento, these eggs have a flavor profile as deep as the Black Sea with a rich, savory taste and a smooth, buttery finish; it’s the perfect centerpiece for any festive occasion.

22. Midland X Talker Extreme Two-Way Radio

Retail Price: $99 (Dual Pack)

Stay connected wherever your summer adventure takes you. Photo courtesy of Midland

This is kind of a no-brainer. Summer fun with friends and family often means adventure, and the X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack is the best insurance policy you can have. From late summer camping trips and hiking to ATV outings, the X-Talkers are easy to use and will allow you to stay connected at all times. The device has outstanding range—up to 38 miles—and can work hands free. Bonus: The X-Talkers offer NOAA weather alerts to keep you updated in case of an emergency.

23. HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset

Retail Price: $50

HyperX’s Cloud Stinger takes gaming and entertainment to a new level, making family road trips a lot more bearable. Photo courtesy of HyperX

The HyperX Cloud Stinger family in a new pink colorway is here, just in time for backseat gaming on long end-of-summer road trips. Stylish and affordable, it’s the perfect accessory for summer gaming and travel entertainment. The Cloud Stinger features optimal audio performance, gaming-grade sound quality and a high level of ear and head comfort for extensive entertainment and gaming sessions. Jam out to your favorite tunes or enter the world of your favorite mobile game while on the road and say goodbye to noise disruption with the built-in passive noise cancellation microphone for seamless chat compatibility.

24. Pasolivo Tuscan Olive Oil

Retail Price: $47.95 (500 mL)

Move over Italy; California olives are where it’s at this summer. Photo courtesy of Pasolivo

Tucked in California’s wine country, Pasolivo is an award-winning, family-owned olive orchard known for its memorable and exquisitely crafted, high-end olive oils. Using 12 olive tree varietals that are grown, picked, pressed and bottled on their 140-acre property, each of Pasolivo’s premium extra virgin olive oils and flavored olive oils are crafted by a renowned olive oil sommelier to create truly superior tasting olive oils. Worth recommends the Tuscan varietal.

25. Five Farms Irish Cream

Retail Price: $30 (750 mL)

A bit of Irish cream might be the perfect way to savor the decrescent days of August and September before they give way to fall. Photo courtesy of Five Farms

Five Farms Irish Cream is the world’s first premium farm-to-table Irish cream liqueur and is exclusively sourced and produced in County Cork, Ireland. Crafted with the richest dairy cream, this tasty elixir is produced in single batches by five family-owned farms that go back as many as five generations.

26. Gott’s Roadside Cheeseburger Kit

Retail Price $149 (Pack of Eight)

Take a trip to Napa without leaving home. Photo courtesy of Gott’s Roadside

It’s the classic Napa Valley post-wine tasting, greasy pitstop. Gott’s Roadside’s iconic and James Beard award-winning cheeseburger is now available through Goldbelly. No plane trip necessary. This kit includes everything you need to bring the full Gott’s burger experience into your home kitchen: Niman Ranch beef patties, Panorama Bakery’s classic egg buns, American cheese slices, Gott’s Secret Sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, all packaged in a signature Gott’s box. They even toss in a Gott’s hat to the shipment to complete the experience. Now, where’s the wine?

27. The SteakAger PRO 15

Retail Price: $290

Dry-aged steak is the secret of every world-class steakhouse. Photo courtesy of SteakAger

Nothing beats a well-aged steak, and oftentimes the difference between the cuts you grill up in your backyard in East Hampton versus what you get at Peter Luger comes down to precisely that: the aging process. The SteakAger PRO 15 aims to fix that by making high-quality dry-aged steak accessible to enjoy in the comforts of your home. Aging is an ancient process that produces a chemical reaction that breaks down beef and transforms it to richly flavored, fork-cut tender steaks. It offers a safe and effective dry-aging function at an accessible price and uses computer-controlled tech to control humidity inside the unit. The unit has a sleek, stainless-steel exterior and smart design allowing vertical and horizontal orientations, making it easy to load into an array of spaces.

28. Roccbox Pizza Oven by Gozney

Retail Price: $499

Transform your patio into an al fresco pizzeria. Photo courtesy of Gozney

Worth loves the Roccbox, a restaurant-grade portable pizza oven that can instantly transform any outdoor space into an open-air pizzeria. Fire up with the convenience of gas or discover the flavor of wood for the ultimate ‘za experience.

29. Good Behavior—The Big Peace Blanket

Retail Price: $108

A comfy summer night blankie with a social mission. Photo courtesy of Good Behavior

Good Behavior’s Big Peace Blanket is a hardy blanket that is ready for whatever end-of-summer adventure awaits—camping, festivals, road trips, the beach or the cabin. Each blanket is woven on a traditional wooden pedal loom by Mexican artisans and uses excess clothing materials that otherwise would end up in a landfill. Doing something good for our planet should make you feel even more cozy.

30. Gaucho Box by Carne Collective

Retail Price: $249 per box

Channel your inner Argentine at the grill. Photo courtesy of Carne Collective

Gaucho Box is a first-of-its-kind, farm-to-table subscription box of the best Argentine cuts. Each Gaucho box comes with an array of fantastic cuts of the finest quality beef, ranging from the Brazilian picanha to ribeyes to New York strips and everything else you might imagine such a box of divine bovine comestibles might have. Choose if you want a refresh every two, four or eight weeks.

31. Wristcam for Apple Watch

Retail Price: $299

Channel your inner Dick Tracy. Photo courtesy of Wristcam

This device will make you the coolest kid in the cul-de-sac. Wristcam is the first and only camera for Apple Watch and the first smart band to receive Apple’s “Made for Apple Watch” designation. The ultra-lightweight smart band brings two lenses to the device: an 8MP outer facing cam and a 2MP self-facing cam, which can capture 4K images and 1080p video. The device is also water-resistant and even records underwater sounds, which makes it perfect for your next summer adventure. Truly a hands-free device, Wristcam supports Siri Shortcuts, allowing users to simply lift their wrist and say, “Hey Siri, snap a selfie/photo, start/stop video,” and instantly capture their favorite moments. The only complaint is easily correctible—some larger men might find the bands a little too snug and may have to supplement the device with part of a band from their Apple Watch.

32. The Spark One Premium Grill Bundle

Retail Price: $1,199

Charcoal grilling, reinvented. Photo courtesy of Spark

No end-of-summer list would be complete without a grill, and Worth will not disappoint! The Spark One is literally the hottest backyard accessory of the season. The unit marries the superior flavor of charcoal with the ease and control of gas. Made for versatility, Spark’s high-tech design delivers the widest temperature range on the market, with low-and-slow capabilities for BBQ and high-temp settings for quick sears (think Neapolitan pizza) at 900-degrees Fahrenheit. The Spark boasts a stylish build that is sleek and chic—perfect for any outdoor aesthetic or backyard design. The new Premium Bundle includes not only the Spark One grill, but also an assortment of eight charcoal briqs, temperature probes, a bamboo cutting board, grill cover, pizza pack and even a BlueCut grill apron. Make Spark your culinary Labor Day secret weapon.

33. Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Retail Price: $250 Total for a 5-lb Box, Averaging 12-14 Fillets

Ruby red sockeye salmon straight from Alaska’s Copper River to your front door. Photo courtesy of Alaskan Salmon Company

Alaskan Salmon Company’s Ruby Red Copper River Sockeye Salmon box—previously only available to top chefs across the country—is now available to consumers for the first time with the start of Copper River salmon season this summer. This beloved product can be enjoyed as sushi or cooked and is flown straight from Cordova, Alaska. Now, at-home cooks and seafood enthusiasts can get their hands on this prized salmon that most have not tried outside of a Michelin-starred setting. 

34. The Embr Wave 2

Retail Price $349

Stop arguing about room temps with the Wave 2. Photo courtesy of Embr Labs

Stop fighting over what constitutes the ideal room temperature; the Embr Wave 2 is a great tool for beating the heat—and it is all possible due to a device that sits on your wrist just like a watch. The device harnesses your body’s temperature to give you power over how your body feels, employing patented, thermal wellness science to allow you to cool down at the push of a button. Excellent for those who live with family member who are constantly feeling “chilly.”

35. OneLife X

Retail Price: $499

Probably the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing air filters money can buy. Photo courtesy of OneLife X

OneLife X claims to be the world’s most efficient air purifier. We’re not in a position to validate that claim, but we can attest that the unit runs in virtual silence and it comes with a washable, lifelong filter and uses less energy than an LED lightbulb. The OneLife X is designed to protect you and your family by eliminating 99.99 percent of harmful airborne particles like viruses, bacteria and common mold and dust, as well as other common pollutants. We love its sleek design, artfully crafted from fast-regrowing bamboo and recycled plastics—it looks like what an air filter by Apple would look like if Apple made air filters.

36. Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve

Retail Price: $50 (750 mL)

If you can’t make it to the Caribbean before summer ends, do the next best thing and pick up a bottle of Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, a single malt with a bold, tropical twist. Photo courtesy of Glenlivet

You can almost taste the crystal blue sea with the Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, which combines the heritage of single malt Scotch whisky with the flavor and soul of the Caribbean. Drawing sweet and tropical fruit notes from the oak, this whisky creates a spirit with a smooth and well-balanced finish, making it the ideal expression to be enjoyed neat, over ice or in a refreshing cocktail, giving a tropical twist to any culinary occasion.

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37. Yogibo Max

Retail Price: $269

The Yogibo is the most versatile piece of lounging furniture you never knew you needed. Photo courtesy of Yogibo

Is it a bed? Is it a bean bag? No, it’s a…Yogibo. Welcome to the newest form factor in home lounging. Perfect for lounging, curling up with a good book, reading to the little ones—even you and your partner might use it to…ahem. Worth loved the Yogibo Max because of the way it fully conforms to your body with zero pressure points. With endless possibilities, the Yogibo Max is perfect for whatever your end-of-summer day routine entails.

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