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A Letter from Our CEO: The Newer Normal

Unlocking the potential of travel as a driving force for progress, connection, and sustainable economic growth in a changing world.

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Travel has always been part of human nature. Our earliest ancestors roamed the Earth in search of new horizons, and over the centuries, travel has evolved from a means of survival to a way of expanding knowledge, bridging cultures, and fostering economic growth. Even in today’s hyper-connected world, travel has become an essential catalyst for progress, innovation, and prosperity.

Eliminating the COVID travel restrictions is a significant move towards an even newer normal. When Worth returned to print in 2021, our first issue was “The Brave, New World of Travel.” We recognized the importance of personal and business travel, not only for its economic impact on the airline, hotel, and hospitality industries but for the value generated by in-person interactions that digital communications or collaboration tools cannot replace.

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As a media company, we see ourselves not only as a creator and curator of content, but also a connector of people. Travel allows us to bring together global leaders for meaningful conversations, which has always played a significant role in our business. The importance of the events we produce extends beyond the compelling on-stage discussions, equally important are the serendipitous interactions and conversations that happen in the hallways, over meals, and during breaks that do not happen virtually.

This year we have already hosted sessions in Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting on Corporate Values and Sustainability and in Austin during SXSW on responsible and ethical artificial intelligence. Our Techonomy Climate event in Silicon Valley brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate sustainability executives to discuss addressing the climate crisis. The Women & Worth Summit convened a fantastic group of women on topics related to gender equity and equality, while our Cities Summit is focused on economic development.

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We have an ambitious fall schedule with our east coast Techonomy Climate event in New York during Climate Week, Accelerate Health in Boston that will explore the digital transformation of healthcare, the return of our Techonomy retreat in November, and ending the year with our Worthy 100 celebration.

While this issue recognizes the importance of travel, it is crucial that we prioritize sustainable and responsible travel. We must protect the environment, preserve local cultures, and ensure that communities benefit from tourism in a balanced and equitable manner. This requires a collective effort from governments, businesses, and travelers themselves to promote sustainable practices, reduce carbon footprints, and support local initiatives that promote conservation and community development.

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Travel is not merely a leisure activity; it is a powerful force that drives economic growth, fosters cultural exchange, and promotes personal and professional development. As business leaders and global citizens, we have a responsibility to recognize and support the importance of responsible and sustainable travel for the economy.

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