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Podcast Ep. 5: Investment Strategies and the Future of Money with Alexa von Tobel

The founder of LearnVest and Inspired Capital on building a company amidst the 2008 financial crisis, being a working mom and what worth means to her.


Alexa von Tobel founded financial planning platform LearnVest in 2007, prior to dropping out of Harvard Business School in December 2008. She began to build her company at the peak of the Great Recession.  

“I quickly realized that the idea for financial planning software made the most sense when the world was upside down.”

Five years later, she sold the company to Northwestern Mutual for $375 million.

On this episode of Women & Worth, Alexa von Tobel, who left Northwestern Mutual in 2018 to found Inspired Capital, talks to Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott Croxford about the challenges of moving toward a gig economy, what tools are needed to plan for a meaningful life and how leveraging technology can help us be happier. Listen to their conversation above.

On the Women & Worth podcast, sponsored by Charles Schwab, influential women engage in meaningful conversations about financial planning, investment strategies, career development, opportunities to invest in women and more with Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford. Together, they discuss significant challenges women face in the workplace and society at large, in the hopes that doing so may chart a path forward to accelerate progress.

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