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Podcast Ep. 4: How to Navigate a Career Transition with Jennifer Justice

Justice talks to Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford about gender discrimination and pivot points in her career.


25 years from now, what conversations will we be having about women’s progress? “Wasn’t it funny that time when men didn’t think women should get paid the same?” Jennifer Justice says, laughing. “Can you believe we let them get away with that?”

On episode four of Women & Worth, Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford talks to Jennifer Justice, who spent 17 years as Jay-Z and Beyonce’s personal entertainment attorney and general counsel. She is now a cofounder of The Justice Department, an organization that helps accelerate women’s businesses and careers. 

Listen above as they discuss gender discrimination in the music industry, how language in the workplace can reinforce stereotypes, thus hindering progress and inclusivity, and how to navigate pivot points in your career. 

On the Women & Worth podcast, sponsored by Charles Schwab, influential women engage in meaningful conversations about financial planning, investment strategies, career development, opportunities to invest in women and more with Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford. Together, they discuss significant challenges women face in the workplace and society at large, in the hopes that doing so may chart a path forward to accelerate progress.

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