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Podcast Ep. 3: The Social Dimensions of Wealth with Angie Sabel

Abbot Downing New York’s managing director on how women are influencing philanthropy now more than ever.


A study done by the U.S. Trust in 2018 found that 84 percent of wealthy individuals in the U.S. make giving back a priority. And women actually give more to philanthropic causes than men, according to that same study. On this episode of Women & Worth, Angie Sabel, managing director of Abbot Downing New York, speaks to the ways in which individuals, especially women, can give back to their communities and the country at large.

Worth’s CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford and Sabel explore this, along with why some philanthropists are beginning to zero in on giving locally, how millennials give differently than other generations and how women can make a meaningful impact with their philanthropy. Listen to their conversation above.

On the Women & Worth podcast, sponsored by Charles Schwab, influential women engage in meaningful conversations about financial planning, investment strategies, career development, opportunities to invest in women and more with Worths CEO Juliet Scott-Croxford. Together, they discuss significant challenges women face in the workplace and society at large, in the hopes that doing so may chart a path forward to accelerate progress.


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