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Welcome to the latest issue of Perspectives, a section of thought leadership from our partners. Perspectives is our way of helping our partners communicate with you, our readers, while bringing you insight and experience from unique business and cultural figures. Perspectives is a blend of the professional and the personal: It’s the wisdom of accomplished men and women who epitomize excellence and manifest passion.

In this issue, we welcome two new thought leaders, Allison Duncan of social impact firm Amplifier Strategies and Jolyon Nash of sports car powerhouse McLaren Automotive, who join François-Henry Bennahmias of watchmaker Audemars Piguet and Jeremy M. Kroll of security firm K2 Intelligence in examining the challenges, successes and opportunities faced by modern-day American cities. In discussing themes of philanthropy, security, technology and economics, these four thought leaders shed light on the tensions of growth, the advantages of community and the reasons why—now more than ever—this is a golden era for our cities.

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