Perspectives From the Front Line with Rebecca Minkoff

Hosts: Juliet Scott-Croxford, CEO at Worth + Kathleen Entwistle, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor at UBS

This new online series will address the ongoing challenges keeping your businesses, your bank accounts, and your body well during the pandemic. Join timely discussions with people who are on the frontlines of navigating the crisis and creating strategies for not just surviving but also thriving.

For each session, UBS will provide their up-to-the-moment perspective at the intersection of managing money during the crisis and the topic focus (e.g., small business, leadership, wellness).

The next event to be announced.

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Online Event


Kathleen Entwistle SVP, Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager, UBS
Juliet Scott-Croxford CEO, Worth
Rebecca Minkoff Founder, Rebecca Minkoff and The Female Founder Collective
Past Events

Session 1: Small Business, Big Decisions

Guest Speaker: Rebecca Minkoff, Founder of Rebecca Minkoff and the Female Founder Collective

Hosts: Juliet Scott-Croxford, CEO at Worth + Kathleen Entwistle, Senior Vice President at UBS

“Small Business, Big Decisions” is about getting real on the difficult decisions facing small business owners. To shut down or not to shut down, supporting your community, taking care of your employees and the strategies you can use to protect the bottom line. The finish line and your bottom line are changing daily. UBS will keep you abreast of all the new stimulus plans and paths available to see your business through the crisis and provide up-to-the-moment industry perspectives on the implications of the crisis on small business loans, taxes and the financial stimulus resources.

Worth’s Resource Guide for Small Businesses

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