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Innovative programs enhance the ease of owning one of their award-winning jets

Gulfstream-FAST-Team00 FAST Team Member at Work

Business-jet travelers reap the benefits of a mode of transportation that offers safety, speed, complete privacy, incomparable flexibility, the ability to board on the tarmac on your own schedule and, of course, beyond-first-class levels of comfort. But just as the finest of automobiles require regular maintenance and occasional repairs, so do world-class private aircraft.

Owning, flying and maintaining business jets can be complicated. To make it easier, Gulfstream—in addition to designing and manufacturing award-winning aircraft with up-to-the-nanosecond technology­—provides innovative turn-key customer support programs. 


Gulfstream’s new Savannah East Campus Service Facility

Gulfstream’s new Savannah East Campus Service Facility

Based on feedback from customers who wanted and expected a seamless and simplified experience, Gulfstream launched the Gulfstream Aircraft Ownership Service (AOS). As Derek Zimmerman, president of Gulfstream Customer Support, describes it, “AOS enrollees choose from a broad portfolio of services that best meet the needs of their aircraft throughout its life cycle.”

At some point during a jet’s operations, it will likely be grounded so typical maintenance issues can be resolved. Every minute of AOG (aircraft on ground) status represents less time conducting business. To get the aircraft back in the air as soon as possible, Gulfstream created the Field & Airborne Support Teams (FAST) Center, a dedicated hub for AOG resolution, housed in the world’s largest and most technically advanced maintenance center built specifically for business jets.

Located in the Gulfstream Savannah Service Center in Georgia, the FAST Center is staffed by an enterprise-wide team of experts dedicated to predicting, preventing and resolving maintenance and logistics issues. When an AOG condition is reported, team members can tap Gulfstream’s vast worldwide resources, including more than 30 company-owned and authorized service centers, and provide an efficient resolution that’s convenient for the customer.

Gulfstream believes that enhancing the ease of jet ownership starts with streamlining the task of aircraft maintenance and repair. As Zimmerman says, “There is no one better qualified to help maintain and operate an aircraft than the original equipment manufacturer.”


Gulfstream FAST Center

Gulfstream FAST Center