“Investing in a Better World” brings to life Worth’s annual ranking of the 100 most powerful people in global finance. On the 10th anniversary of the Power 100, Worth seeks to understand not only what makes people powerful or influential, but how they can use that power and influence to impact the world for good through their investments, their philanthropy and their personal engagement with tough problems. Attendees will interact with executives, investors, innovators and philanthropists who are taking on some of the world’s greatest social, economic and political challenges.
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How to Buy a Ranch

by Sarah Max

Owning a piece of American wilderness: A dream come true—unless you buy without knowing what you’re getting into.


25 Ways to Live Longer

by Rachel Rabkin Peachman

No one has found the fountain of youth—yet—but there are certainly steps you can take to fend off disease and increase your longevity.

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