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Our 10 Favorite Worth Stories of 2019

As we begin 2020, we want to share some of the stories we and our readers loved the most last year.

Last year at Worth, we dedicated ourselves to bringing you more insightful, impactful and interesting digital content. This year, we’ll be offering you even more of the stories you love, plus expanded newsletters, podcast episodes and live events.

As we head into 2020, we want to share some of our favorite stories from 2019. We’ve chosen 10, ranging from our list of powerhouse female economists, to Eric Uhlfelder’s guide to the hedge fund strategies that actually work, to Harvard researcher David Sinclair’s advice for how to live to 100. You can find all of these stories and more below.

How Nashville is Transforming Itself Into a Global City

With record numbers of foreign visitors, an increasingly international food scene and new direct flights from abroad, Music City demonstrates how an American icon can go global. Read the story here.

16 Powerhouse Female Economists

For most of its history, economics has been an almost entirely male-dominated field. Slowly but surely, that’s finally starting to change. See the list here.

The Hedge Fund Strategies That Actually Work

For more than a decade the hedge fund industry has been going through a major transition. But superior returns can still be found by allocators who do their homework and aren’t exclusively obsessed with brand-name management. Read the story here.

The Education of Shelley Zalis

Shelley Zalis in her Hudson Yards office, New York, January 2019. Photo by Jeremy Bales

As a girl, Shelley Zalis expected to be a full-time mom when she grew up. Instead, the CEO and founder of consulting firm The Female Quotient would become an internet pioneer and a force for gender equity. Read the story here.

8 Experts Every Family Office Should Have Now

Money and family have always been a potent combination, but new challenges, from cybersecurity to market volatility, are complicating the mix. It’s never been so important to have the right experts on your side. See the list here.

How to Live Past 100

Photo by Shutterstock.com

Harvard researcher David Sinclair argues that aging is a disease that can be treated. Read the story here.

Living in Fear of a Market Downturn?

Dimensional Fund Advisors’ David Booth on why you should change the way you think about investing. Read the story here.

7 People Who Are Changing the Face of Power

Changing the Faces of Power

In a nation undergoing generational and cultural transformation, here are seven men and women helping to shape a future in which power is sure to look strikingly different. See the list here.

How to Buy a Private Jet

Despite its reputation as a symbol of extravagance, owning a private plane can help preserve your most precious resource—time. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in investing. Read the story here.

10 Cities to Watch in 2020

The Charlotte, N.C. skyline

These 10 cities don’t dominate the national narrative, but they’re making a bid for prominence in 2020. See the list here.

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