Nick Kavallieratos

Nick Kavallieratos

Managing Director-Wealth Management, Financial Advisor, Nick Kavallieratos at Morgan Stanley

Nick is a managing director at Morgan Stanley, specializing in corporate and wealth management services. With over $2 billion in assets under active management and supporting over 75 public corporations, Nick strives to provide each individual client and corporate relationship with a level of assurance on developing corporate solutions, capital preservation, family financial goals and proper succession planning. Trust and security is the cornerstone of Nick’s business practice. A graduate with a finance degree from Lehigh University, Nick spent several years working for Citi in London within corporate services and the investment bank, helping to develop from the grassroots level an automated solution and platform for global private and public corporations. As a native New Yorker, Nick developed a team of subject matter experts focused on providing corporate solutions to public and private companies on equity compensation, financial reporting and financial educational training. Nick provides comprehensive knowledge on equity compensation design, stock plan administration services and executive financial planning. His team of 17 members offers the breadth and resources available at Morgan Stanley.

Contact Details

1290 Avenue of the Americas, 12th floor, New York, New York 10104

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