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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Enjoy Worth’s curated list of personal, sentimental presents that every mother can enjoy this Mother’s Day.

Photo via Unsplash

Mother’s Day (May 14) is rapidly approaching. But there’s still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law or mother figure in your life. Mothers deserve to be celebrated far more often than once a year, and the right gift for Mother’s Day can be the perfect symbol of your lasting appreciation. Whether you’re celebrating just one person or several generations, every maternal figure deserves a thoughtful thanks for everything they do. 

With innumerable options to choose from, finding the right gift is always easier said than done. Worth has taken the time to curate a list of personal presents that every type of mother can enjoy. 

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1. The Stretch Silk Bath Robe from Ralph Lauren

Retail price: $465


Photo via Ralph Lauren


Perfect to throw on after a shower, or bath, or for lounging with a cup of coffee, this elegant robe marries luxury and simplicity. Made of 93% silk and 7% elastane, the Stretch Silk Bath Robe is not only incredibly soft and comfortable but also machine washable.  

2. The Roses Candle from Diptyque Paris

Retail price: $220


Photo via Diptyque

Known for their fresh and unusual scents, any candle or fragrance from Diptyque Paris would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. This Roses Candle, contained in a soft pink, hand-crafted porcelain container, saturates the air with refreshing notes of rose for the duration of its 90-hour burn time.

3. A Personalized Flower Delivery from Bouqs Company

Retail price: Starting at $59


Photo via Bouqs Co.

Few things compare to the joy of walking into a room filled with a colorful bouquet of flowers. Bouqs’ mission is to streamline and simplify the process of finding the perfect flower arrangement, from flower selection to delivery. With Bouqs, you can choose one magnificent Mother’s Day arrangement or subscribe for a few months—or even years—worth of happiness.

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4. L.A. Burdick’s Signature Chocolate Assortment

Retail Price: $25-$85


Photo via L.A. Burdick

Regarded as one of the finest chocolate producers in the United States, L.A. Burdick combines European craftsmanship with American creativity. Every chocolate is expertly crafted by hand and provides a completely unique gourmet experience. Their Signature Assortment box includes their distinct chocolate mice in addition to other specialty truffles.

5. The Face Routine Set from Kate Macleod

Retail price: $136


Photo via Kate Macleod

Kate Macleod’s Face Routine Set brings the spa experience home, pairing their signature face stone with a unique Gua Shua. The Balance Face Stone is comprised of nine natural oils and butters, designed to brighten and hydrate skin without clogging pores. In combination with the Gua Shua, this luxury set promotes both circulation and nourishment. 

6. The Breville Bambino Plus

Retail price: $400


Photo via Breville

For espresso-loving moms who value both speed and quality, the Bambino Plus is perfect for both beginners and experienced baristas alike. It pulls a consistently smooth and full-flavored shot of espresso while its Automatic Microfoam Milk Texturing System allows you to personalize any drink, or even experiment with latte art.

7. The Fellow Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle from Williams Sonoma

Retail price: $165


Photo via Williams Sonoma

A watched pot never boils, unless it’s this sophisticated electric kettle that tracks its real-time temperature and progress. Whether your mother is a tea enthusiast or pour-over coffee aficionado, the Stagg Kettle’s gooseneck spout is designed for a steady, slow pour, maximizing both elegance and control. Additionally, you can specify exactly which temperature to heat your water to, and the kettle will maintain the desired temperature for up to an hour.

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8. Aplós CALME + AVEC Yuzu & Lime Non-Alcoholic Bundle from Boisson

Retail price: $56

Photo via Aplós

Aplós Calme is a non-alcoholic spirit, carefully crafted for moments of relaxation. Infused with a blend of citrus, botanicals and hemp, it cultivates a calming effect without the negative effects of alcohol. Its pairing with Avec Drinks’ Yuzu & Lime provides a delightfully refreshing and low-calorie sipping experience.

9. The Frayme Tote Bag from Stella McCartney

Retail price: $2,150

Photo via Stella McCartney

The Frayme Tote bag is an elegant, everyday essential. Featuring an elevated diamond-cut chain border and tonal single topstitching, this bag is able to look chic while simultaneously functioning as a utilitarian carryall for everything a mom could need—from sunscreen to snacks. Additionally, the bag is made of Alter Mat vegan leather, an option that is both more sustainable and humane than animal leather.

10. MIYABI Birchwood SG2 7-Piece, Knife Block Set from Zwilling

Retail price: $1,300

Photo via Zwilling

This state-of-the-art knife block set from MIYABI will transform your mother’s cooking experience, especially if she spends a lot of time in the kitchen. The hand-crafted, Japanese blades are made with a powerful SG2 micro-carbide powder core and subsequently layered with another 100 coats of steel. The resulting Damascus pattern denotes an exceptionally sharp edge that is both long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. 

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11. Duo Pearl Hook Earrings from Poppy Finch

Retail price: $325

Photo via Poppy Finch

Poppy Finch aims to redefine everyday luxury through a lens of sustainability. The brand is known for their commitment to recycled gold and ethically sourced gemstones. These Pearl Hook Earrings offer a modern yet timeless take on the pearl earring that every mother can enjoy.

12. The 30 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from Fishers Finery

Retail price: $78

Photo via Fishers Finery

Silk pillowcases have some serious benefits. Their smooth surface decreases friction on your hair and skin, working to improve skin hydration, combat inflammation, reduce wrinkles and protect hair from split-ends and frizz. These 100% silk pillowcases are easy to care for and have been rated as some of the best on the market.

13. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Retail price: $299

Photo via Bose

For a podcast or music-loving mom, these noise-canceling earbuds are the perfect gift. Combining superb sound quality and a chic, user-friendly design, the QuietComfort Earbuds provide some of the world’s best adjustable noise cancellation. Bose’s CustomTune technology learns the unique shape of your ear canal, optimizing and personalizing the listening experience.

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