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Celebrating Mom Bosses

This Mother’s Day take some time to soak in your accomplishments and enjoy the life you’ve created—after all, you’re the boss!

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Most days it feels like mom life is a fine balance between patience and proper caffeination. Add in a business or your career and it may feel like you’re the ringleader of your own circus. Regardless of what you tackle on a day-to-day basis, you are a mom boss, and we want to honor you this month.

As a female entrepreneur, wife and mom, I had to learn how to balance the business I aspired to create with my family’s needs in mind. Unfortunately, neither of these things came with a handbook. I desired to be successful in every area in my life, but I didn’t know where to begin or how to do any of it “right.” Most of my journey was trial and error, but there were a few key elements that helped focus me in the right areas and keep my goals in front of me.

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Part of being a mom and a business owner, or a mom while building a career, is learning from your mistakes and allowing others around you to help. As moms, we often want to do it all ourselves, when in reality, the encouragement and support of others can truly change the game. Learning to accept help from those around us can be difficult. We tend to want to show how strong we are by taking on the world, but all that teaches our children is they need to do more. If we openly and graciously accept assistance, our children won’t fear asking us or others for help, too. We forget that leading by example doesn’t mean doing it alone. It means creating healthy habits within ourselves and our families.

Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me. While I am beyond grateful for the gift of being a mom myself, my mom passed unexpectedly a few years ago, and I came to the realization that she allowed fear and self-doubt to overwhelm her. She didn’t have a true grasp on her worth, and she always lived with a scarcity mindset. I have since used her life as motivation to correct my own self-deprecation and to pursue more for my family. I miss my mom every day, but I know she would be so proud of my personal development and my WELLth™ building journey.

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The life of an entrepreneur, or when building a career, often encompasses long hours and minimal time off. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to tell you that set hours are important. Of course, emergencies happen, and you may need to step in, but time is fleeting, and moments are quick. Your time is valuable no matter where you spend it, and building a business, or your career, is going to take time—manage it well.

This Mother’s Day take some time to soak in your accomplishments and enjoy the life you’ve created—after all, you’re the boss!

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