Justin Douglas

Justin Douglas

As a contributor for Worth, Justin Douglas brings an extraordinary range of expertise and insights from his diverse career as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Certified Management Consultant at pwc and IBM, and most recently as an independent and much celebrated business skills trainer and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Alongside this, Justin is known for a passionate care for the environment and is building a reputation as a sustainability influencer and for his expert knowledge of ethical personal finance.

Justin made a deliberate decision early on to focus on all that is wonderful, fascinating and good in the world and its people rather than, as he puts it, ‘climbing the ladder.’ For Justin, chasing interesting projects aligned to his values was his goal, and this led him to roles across the European Union and as far away as the Middle East or the rainforests of Nigeria. But delivering a successful project outcome to the letter of the contract was never enough. Justin’s deep empathy for the human experience was never far away: understanding cultures and helping people adapt to change was always core.

In 2015, Justin’s free spirit got the better of him: He set up his own training and coaching business. Feedback on Justin’s LinkedIn profile often rates his training as the best that they have ever experienced. Equally, in the one-to-one coaching environment, Justin receives heartfelt feedback for his sincere, caring and personalized approach. Justin believes everybody has the chance to be the best version of themselves with a little support—something that is at the center of the strengths philosophy. In his work, nothing brings him more pleasure than seeing somebody make a personal breakthrough—that could be achieving a personal or career goal, a newly discovered ability, increased confidence or greater life happiness or satisfaction.

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